Meet The Team

Meet The Team

nickNick Mobley - Managing Director

Nick went well beyond badge collecting. When he came in to do his Divemaster course with LSD a few years back he ended up buying the company. We still think that is the biggest up-sell in PADI history! He is an Assistant Instructor and spends his time mostly pushing the LSD brand to new heights behind the scenes. Nick used to work in the world of IT & Consulting before seeing the light and living the life of riley.

neilNeil Thomas - Center Manager & PADI Course Director

Neil escaped from normal life in the UK in 2006 in search of the fountain of youth, but after completing his PADI Instructors course in Cyprus he realised the scuba life was a much more desirable occupation. He has a fantastic diving CV, teaching in many countries around the world including Thailand, Australia, Egypt and the Caribbean to name but a few. Eventually after 4 years teaching, his journey across the globe brought him to LSD where he has climbed the ranks from Dive Ops Manager, Assistant Manager and now Center Manager / Course Director.

Amy Hamilton - Assistant Manager & PADI Staff Instructor

Amy is one of our full time instructors and began her diving career back in 2012 in the beautiful quarries of England. Her diving experience ranges from the warm clear waters of Scotland to the colder murky depths of the Komodo islands in Indonesia. Amy enjoys teaching students from all walks of life but her primary passion is teaching children. She is a huge fan of UK diving and can be seen on many of the regular club trips around the coast. Amy is also a PADI Staff Instructor and a valuable asset to the IDC's at LSD.

Taryn Leibowitz - Club Officer & PADI Specialty Instructor

Taryn began her journey in diving in 2012 in the Maldives and has been Lucky enough to do her courses up to Instructor all over the world in different and diverse environments. She has lived in Cape Town for most of her life and had amazing diving experiences there as well as going to the Red Sea to do her IDC and gain work experience. Gaining many amazing fun dives in European country’s such as Greece and Portugal as well as up the coast of South Africa. Taryn's passion is to help the environment and try to do as much as she can to make an impact. To broaden her knowledge on marine conservation and coral regeneration and propagation and combine that with the diving industry.

Andy Fitzgerald - PADI Master Instructor & Equipment TechnicianCat Meyer - PADI Staff Instructor
Elsayed Morad - PADI Staff InstructorJoyce Newman - PADI Staff Instructor
Aneet Shah - PADI Speciality InstructorTania Pantin - PADI Speciality Instructor
Maria Ruhan - PADI Open Water InstructorSimon Rogers - PADI Speciality Instructor
Ben Gilbert - PADI Speciality InstructorShenji Schaeppi - PADI Speciality Instructor
Geoff Davies - PADI Staff InstructorStefano Nocerino - PADI Staff Instructor

Tracy Apps - PADI DivemasterTom Phillips - PADI Divemaster
Suan Li Ong - PADI Divemaster