Meet The Team

We carefully hand pick all our staff, we pride ourselves in being professional, safe and all round fun loving, with the utmost care for our guests. DSL is manly made up of Lucian staff, which gives us the opportunity to provide local job creation and a step ladder to move up in DSL. Our staff are what make DSL not only a team, but a family.

Marcel Buechler

Managing Director/Staff Instructor

Dawn Shewan

Operations Manager

Nick Mobley


Lennon Brown


Jhuaine Charlery

Free/Rescue Diver

Warren Compton

Boat Captain

Dwight Delice

Boat Captain

Kerney Evans

Instructor & Boat Captain

Nigel Henry

Dive Center Assistant

Wendy John


Tanya Marcellin

Shop Assistant

Jermain Norbal

Assistant Instructor

Adrian Pelius

Dive Center Assistant

Vernessa Williams

Management Assistant