Go Pro

We all know how addictive diving can be, so now is the time to take the next big plunge and become a Padi Pro. Once you have completed your Padi Rescue diver and first aid courses you are almost there. Become a Padi Dive Master, the first stage of being a Padi Pro.

Becoming a Padi pro takes some time, once you have completed all your Paid courses up to and including your Padi Rescue Diver and first aid training and you feel the calling of the ocean running through you veins, then it’s time to take your first steps and do your Padi Dive Master internship program. This program is hands on, in-depth and so much fun, become a part of our DSL family and learn everything there is to know about what it is to be a dive master for yourself and what it take to work in the diving industry. Once you have completed your DM and your thirst grows stronger, you want to share and teach those around you and show them the unlimited opportunities and experiences of the majestic big blue, then the next step for you is becoming a Padi Instructor.

Dive Master

The Dive Master course is designed for candidates who have busy lives and are suited to study in their own time and complete the course at their own pace.

Candidates will receive lectures in supervising certified divers, assisting with students and Divemaster conducted programs as well as weekly presentations in the 5 theory subjects. There are also skill and rescue demonstrations from our senior instructors.

Dive theory will be primarily self study with candidates progressing at a pace to suit their lifestyle and learning ability.

Practical work is carried out during an internship where candidates gain hands on experience by assisting on courses.

Candidates can use our on site heated pool to develop their skills and our experienced instructors are always available to assist. If you are ready for this challenging and rewarding course then come join the team here at DSL.

Duration: Four weeks
Cost: on request

IDC Scuba Instructor

PADI’s Instructor Development Course (IDC) redefines the standard for instructor training. Coupled with PADI’s state-of-the-art educational materials, the PADI IDC allows you to learn quickly and effectively. It is the most comprehensive program in the industry.

The objective of the IDC is to prepare you for the PADI IE (Instructor Examination) and to prepare candidates for “Real World” teaching after the successful conclusion of the IDC/IE process.

During the course we will provide a varied curriculum of presentations, confined and open water workshops, discussions and candidate teaching presentations.

We now run the IDC in a variety of formats to suit candidates differing lifestyles and preferences. These include both full time and part time programs with both local and warm water open water work.

Cost: on request

Please use the links below to download our Cancellation Policy, and to sign up for PADI eLearning.