Kids’ Courses

Holidays and vacations are a time for family and fun, reconnecting and relaxing after a busy year, but finding something to do for the whole family is sometimes difficult, especially when you are a diving enthusiast parent. If your child/children are between the ages of 8 to 10 years old then this is just what you are looking for. Family time!

The hardest part of going on holiday is finding something fun, safe and entreating for you and your child/children, DSL has the solution. We offer a very safe and entertaining diving introduction with courses like, Bubble Maker, for your 8 to 9 year old or The Seal Team for your 9 to 10 year old. With fun activities such as underwater torpedo’s and toy sharks, to underwater Frisbees and obstacle courses. Our purposed built pool is the perfect place to introduce your young family members to the wonders of the underwater world, with children sized equipment to a well-trained instructor it’s the best and safest way to show them an unforgettable experience. You are a certified diver? Jump on in and share in the magic.


Never tried SCUBA diving?

Then come and have an afternoon of fun and experience the sensation of breathing underwater.

Bubblemaker sessions are conducted by one of our professional instructors in the comfort of our own heated pool. Just call to book your session and turn up with your swimmers, a towel and an old T-shirt.

Upon completion of your Bubblemaker we will talk you through your next step.

Duration: Two hours
Cost: $99 including crew pack / $59 excluding pack
Age: 8+

Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team course is for kids aged 8 – 10 who want to earn themselves an official diving license.

There are 5 Aquamissions to complete where your children will learn the basics of scuba diving.

Duration: One day
Cost: $149 including crew pack
Age: 8+

Please use the links below to download our Cancellation Policy, and to sign up for PADI eLearning.