Additional Discover Scuba Diving Ocean Dives.

Extra DSD/Resort Course Dives

After completing the initial Discover Scuba Diving Experience and Ocean dive, many people wish to participate in extra open water (Ocean) dives. You can do this whilst you are diving with us as your DSD Experience is valid during the length of your stay with us. Please note, this is not transferable to another location. If you leave Scuba Steve's Diving you will need to complete the entire DSD Experience at your new location before you will be allowed to dive again. This is a PADI requirement.

After completing your DSD Experience, we will be pleased to take you diving again. Just sign up at the Dive Centre for extra DSD Dives.
Extra DSD Dive Prices are on our Price List page.

Completing the DSD Experience means that you are already part of the way towards earning a PADI entry level diver certification such as PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver. To help you get your internationally recognised "Licence to Dive" we offer you an upgrade path to save you time and money getting PADI certified.

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