Going diving – are you fit enough?

Find out if you are fit enough to dive before you arrive.

Scuba diving can sometimes be a strenuous activity so it is important that you are reasonably fit and in good all round health. Before you complete a Discover Scuba Diving Experience (Resort Course), Bubblemaker Experience or any PADI course involving in-water training, you must complete a medical questionnaire to check that you are fit enough to dive.

Please read the RSTC Medical Statement carefully and if you have to answer YES to any of the questions print out the Medical Statement and have it signed by a suitably qualified Doctor to state that you are medically fit to Scuba Dive before you arrive. If this is necessary, remember to bring the signed Medical Statement with you as we need to keep a copy on file. Please note, Medical Doctors cannot certify themselves fit to dive by signing their own forms. If you can answer NO to all of the questions you do not need to take any further action.

There is no requirement for certified divers who are not taking a course to answer any medical questions, however, as certified divers it is your responsibility to know if you are fit to dive.

Your comfort and safety are our primary concerns, so please remember that even though you are on holiday, drink alcohol in moderation. We reserve the right to refuse to dive anybody who we consider unfit to dive even if they have medical clearance from a Doctor.

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