Cruise Specials - Dive Tours for Certified Divers

Your choice of Standard Service or a Private Boat

Certified Divers visiting St. Lucia on a Cruise Ship can now choose the type of dive service they prefer. For the more cost conscious diver there is "Standard Service". A Private Boat for Diving, Snorkeling or Sightseeing is also available Private Boat Charters.

Standard Service
US$130.00 (inc rental equipment) + 10% Government Tax.

Standard Service is our basic service for certified divers who want to enjoy diving on some of St Lucia's best dive sites. Typical Diver to Instructor ratio 8:1 or less.

The price includes:-

  • Pick up (09:30) and drop off (approx 14:00) by Dive Boat at the dock next to your Cruise Ship.
  • Boat ride to/from dive sites (approx 20 minutes each way from Port Castries).
  • Up to 20 customers inc snorkelers (max 15 divers) on "Volan"  Diver to Instructor Ratio 8:1.
  • 2 dives on different sites south in the Marine Reserve in Anse Cochon.
  • Full equipment rental (including 3mm shorty Wetsuit).
  • We setup your gear AND change the tanks between the dives for you whilst you relax
  • Marine Reserve Dive Permit.
  • Complimentary Water and snacks for the surface interval.
  • Note that on occasions we may dive in the Soufriere area for operational reasons.

Follow the links below for:-

Prices, Make a Reservation or Ask a Question.

Follow the links below for:-

Prices, Make a Reservation or Ask a Question.

Non-diving family and friends

All the diving and snorkelling sites that we visit have nice beaches next to them or very close by. This means that non-diving family and friends can accompany divers as a boat passenger (subject to space) and chill out on the beach or join one of our snorkelling tours whilst their family/friends dive. You can spend the surface intervals on the boat together.

Private Boat Charters

We also hire out both of our boats to private groups. So if you want a boat to yourself for the ultimate private excursion which can include diving, snorkelling, sightseeing or simply chilling on the beach we will be pleased to help you. Click for prices and further information.

Using your own dive equipment

We are happy to offer divers on Premium Service using all of their own equipment (except tank and weights) a discount. Please be advised that your equipment must be in perfect working order and meet the following minimum requirements:-

  • Regulator with a redundant second stage (Octopus or BCD with a built in second stage)
  • Depth and Pressure Gauge.
  • BCD with working power inflator.
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel (optional), Wetsuit (optional).
  • Gloves and Knives are NOT PERMITTED in the Marine Reserve (there is a $5000 fine).

If your equipment is faulty, (free-flowing regulator, defective gauges, leaky BCD etc), you will not be able to dive with it. We carry a limited supply of spare equipment on the boats and if there is spare equipment available we will rent it to you (US$10), if not, you will not be able to dive and there will be no refund. For this reason, if you intend to use your own equipment please make sure that it has been properly serviced and is in perfect working order.

Required Documentation

Certified Divers must produce their Certification Card before they can dive NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are unable to produce your Certification Card on the boat you will not be able to dive and we will not give you a refund as we told you in writing at the time of booking that this was required. Let me spell this out again NO CERTIFICATION CARD,  NO DIVE, NO REFUND,  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

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