Additional Information and F.A.Q for Cruise Ship Customers

Payment and Currency Conversions

The booking balance is payable in full 7 days before we collect you. We will take this balance on the credit card used for your deposit. We do not take balances for Cruise Ship passengers in cash on the day of the dive and the Dive Boats do not have credit card facilities onboard. It is your responsibility to check that your credit card has sufficient funds to pay your balance. If your credit card is declined, we will email you the day we try to collect the balance to request payment via another credit card. If we do not receive payment, you will not be able to dive, and we will not refund your deposit.

Prices are per person in US$. We accept VISA, MasterCard, US$ bills and the local currency EC$ (Eastern Caribbean Dollars) which shows as XCD on credit card transactions. All credit card charges are made in EC$ (XCD) at 1US$ costs 2.7169 EC$ (XCD), which is fixed by the Banks. All our prices are accurate, what you see is what you pay. VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added at the prevailing rate to all prices.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: Can I have a discount if I bring my own equipment?
A: We offer a US$10/person discount for divers needing Tanks and Weights only. As we do not charge for Mask, Snorkel or Fins, there is no discount for snorkelers using their own equipment.

Q: Why do you charge the balance 7 days before we dive/snorkel with you?
A: Experience has shown that credit cards are sometimes declined when we try and collect the balance. Contacting people that are aboard a cruise ship can be difficult so by collecting the balance 7 days in advance it gives us time to contact customers if there is a problem with their payment so that they can provide us with an alternative credit card in the event of this happening.

Q: Will you collect us and drop us back to the ship and do you know where to find us?
A: Yes, collection and drop off is by Dive Boat from the dock next to your Cruise Ship at 09:30 and is included in the price. All we need to know is the name of your ship. When you return your Confirmation of Booking form we will send you pick up instructions by email. Please print these out and keep them with you so that you know where to meet the Dive Boat.

Q: How do we find each other?
A: All you need to do is to follow the instructions that we email to you, we will find you if you are waiting where we ask you to be and at the time we ask you to be there. If you are late, we may leave without you.

Q: Why is the price different from the regular two tank dive for non-cruise ship divers?
A: Because we are offering a different service which includes collection and drop off by Dive Boat into Port Castries.

Q: Why do you offer Standard and Premium service?
A: Standard Service is a lower cost option, think of it as 3* and think of Premium Service as 5*, you pays your money and you takes your choice!

Q: What is your cancellation & refund policy?
A: Please click to view our Cancellation and Refund policy.

Q: Can my non-diving partner come on the boat as a passenger?
A: If we have space available boat passengers are welcome, although there is a charge for this. See price list.

Q: Can I do certification dives with you?
A: As long as you have the necessary referral paperwork, please email us to discuss your requirements.

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