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Dive Sites

St. Lucia Diving and Snorkeling Sites

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Sites in St. Lucia

All the dive and snorkel sites that we visit are along the west coast of St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea which has calm, warm blue water with a temperature range of 79 – 85 F/26 – 29 C. Visibility varies from 20ft/6M to over 200ft/60M.

St. Lucia is a volcanic island with stunning scenery above the water. The majestic twin Pitons, our world famous landmark, rise to over 2619ft/805M, dominating the island and the Soufriere diving/snorkeling sites. This stunning scenery is duplicated underwater with white sand, volcanic pinnacles, sheer walls, shipwrecks and coral reefs with a multitude of marine life. We regularly visit over 20 diving/snorkeling sites suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to avid dive nut. Depth ranges vary from 12ft/3.6M to around 140ft/43M. For those who prefer to snorkel, there are many beautiful shallow reefs with an abundance of fish and aquatic life easily visible from the surface. Unlike many popular dive destinations, St. Lucia is very concerned with conservation and the Soufriere Marine Management Agency protects the reefs which means that they are still very beautiful for snorkelers and divers to visit. Saint Lucia has some of the best diving and snorkeling sites anywhere in the Caribbean and they are never crowded. Come and take a look, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Dive and Snorkel sites at the north of St. Lucia

Travel time by boat is 5 - 10 minutes from the Dive Center making our dive sites at the north end of the island quickly accessible and popular with people who have limited time to spare. There are some beautiful snorkeling and diving sites in the north with a wide variety of scenery. You tend to see the same tropical reef fish as you do in the Marine Reserve, but we see more Rays and large species in the north.

Dive and Snorkel sites at the south of St. Lucia (Marine Reserve)

The Soufriere Marine Reserve starts close to Anse La Raye which is about 10 miles by boat from the Dive Center, and extends south for about 12 miles to Soufriere and the Pitons. We regularly dive and snorkel 8 sites in the Anse Cochon area which is about 12 miles and 35 minutes (each way) by boat from the Dive Center and 8 sites in the Soufriere area (by the Pitons) which is about 22 miles and 50 minutes by boat. There is an additional daily charge per person to dive south in the Marine Reserve as follows:- US$12.50 to cover fuel and US$5.00 to cover the SMMA Dive Permit. If you dive for more than 3 days, the charge will be US$12.50/day for fuel plus a single charge of US$15.00 for an annual SMMA dive permit. There are many stunning sights both above and below the water with Anse Chastanet, Superman’s Flight, Rosemond’s Trench and Anse Cochon (south beach) being particularly colourful. Anse Cochon is also home to the fabulous Lesleen M and Daini Koyomaru shipwrecks which were sunk as artificial reefs and are home to many species of marine life. (The Daini is one of my favourite dives in St. Lucia. (Steve S.)) We also offer a unique Top Dive Package which provides the discerning diver with an opportunity to dive the very best of the Marine Reserve sites with their own private guide. The top dive package gives you up to an hours dive time per dive (air permitting) and gives access to some sites which are not on our regular dive schedule. If you would like to combine a tour of the Volcano and Sulphur Springs (and lunch) with your Soufriere dives, please check out our Dive & Drive package.

Marine Reserve Diving and Snorkeling Sites in the Anse Cochon Area (35 minute boat journey each way)

Marine Reserve Diving and Snorkeling Sites by the Pitons in the Soufriere Area (50 minute boat journey each way)

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