Virgins Cove

Named after a shipwreck which killed a party of Nuns and is today commemorated by a Cross which has been erected on the point above the dive site. Shaped like a figure “9”, maximum depth is around 70ft/21M. There are lots of large Barrel Sponges, Brain Coral and occasionally Stingrays.

Anse La Raye Wall

This dive site was named after the village of Anse La Raye (bay of rays). Depth is from 60 – 110ft/18 – 34M. This dive features a beautiful sloping wall that is alive with a multitude of different fish life and many different types of coral. Rays are often seen on this pretty dive.

Daini Koyomaru Wreck

Wreck of a Japanese dredger sunk in 1996 as an artificial reef. The 244ft/75M long wreck lays on its side, mostly intact in 108ft/33M of water making this dive suitable for Advanced Divers only and ideal for Enriched Air (Nitrox). It is home to large French Angelfish, Jacks, Barracuda and a huge Puffer.

Lesleen M Wreck

Wreck of a cargo vessel sunk as an artificial reef in 1986. Sits upright on a sandy bottom at a max depth of 65ft/20M. The 167ft/51M long wreck offers open access to the surface and is inhabited by many types of marine life including Lobster, Moray Eels and reef fish. Stunningly colourful and pretty dive.

Rosemond’s Trench

Pretty dive with coral shaped like the fingers of a hand with valleys and trenches between and a small tunnel leading into a chimney. Max depth is 36ft/11M. Home to Seahorses, Frogfish, Turtles and the “usual” tropical fish. Typical dive time is 1 hour. This is a “must do” Marine Park dive.

Jambet Point

This horseshoe shaped reef has a small wall and then flat coral reef with a maximum depth of around 50ft/15M. You will find lots of Crabs, Lobsters, Spotted Drums and sometimes Stingrays hiding in the sandy bottom. We usually do this as a second dive with a dive time of around 1 hour.

Anse Cochon (S)

Anse Cochon means Bay of Pigs although we haven’t seen any underwater yet!. Max depth 40ft/12M Very varied topography including reef, boulders, walls, pinnacles, all on one dive!. This breeding ground is full of juvenile marine life and home to many Flounder. Usual dive profile is 1 hour.

Anse Cochon (N)

Starting in as little as 5ft/1.5M of water and progressing to around 60ft/18M, this reef has a wide range of scenery. There are patches of coral, large fields of boulders and sandy areas. This is a great snorkeling site and we regularly see Turtles, Trumpetfish, Moray Eels, Octopus, Squid and much more.