Le Sport

This is our most northern dive site and it is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The max depth is 60ft/18M. This is a popular place for Scorpion Fish and the Flying Gurnard, with occasional sightings of Turtles and Rays. Look out into the deeper water for glimpses of Barracuda.

Pigeon Island

This dive is located at the base of Pigeon Island. The dive starts in about 15ft/5M over sand and coral and progresses over reef and huge boulders to its maximum depth of 60ft/18M. Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Lobsters and Great Barracuda are all seen regularly on this dive.

Bird Sh*t Rock!

This is a popular stopping place for birds and you will soon see why it gets its name! Underwater you will see sloping walls and huge boulders covered with coral. The maximum depth is around 60ft/18m. Apart from the usual tropical fish, Eagle Rays and Stingrays are often seen here.

Dinosaur Reef

Here the base of Pigeon Island looks remarkably like a sleeping Dinosaur. Underwater there is the wreck of a small freighter which is nicely intact and usually sheltering many Lobsters under the keel. Max depth is around 50Ft/15M. Usual sightings include many Parrot Fish and Moray Eels.

Smugglers Cove

There is a nice secluded sandy beach making this an ideal beginners dive. Further out, diving from the boat, max depth is around 40ft/12m and there are lots of trenches and shelves. This is home to Flying Gurnard, Lobster and large Trumpet Fish.

La Roche (The Rock)

Also known as Barrel ‘O’ Beef), is a small island about a quarter of a mile outside Rodney Bay Marina. Maximum depth is around 50ft/15m. This dive has underwater trenches and valleys where you will often see Triggerfish, lots of Lobsters and Great Barracuda.